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Comprehensive Eye Examination.

W EYExperience. More than just an ordinary eye check

What does a comprehensive eye examination covers?

Video Slit-lamp

It does a video recording or captures a photo of the eye condition. This allows our optometrist to explain or follow up the progress of any red eyes, external eye problems, cornea scratches or mild infection etc.

Retro illumination Refractometer

This machine allows check for Cataract, as well as follow up on the progress, if any.

Retinal Fundus Photography

It examines the back of eye ( Retinal ) for Eye Diseases such as Retinopathy due to Diabetes, Hypertension, Macula Degeneration, Glaucoma etc.

Visual Field Analyser

It assesses the peripheral retinal sensitivity and is often used for checking the field of view of our eyes. Having certain eye problems will affect this function e.g. Glaucoma.

Optical Coherence Tomography

This is a non-invasive imaging test, using light waves to take cross section pictures of our Retina / Cornea Valuable in diagnosis of eye diseases and treatment follow up management.

Non Contact Tonometer

It measures the Intra Ocular Eye Pressure. Normal Eye Pressure are within certain range. Having too high or too low range is not normal.

Corneal Mapping topographer

This allows full mapping of the contour of our whole cornea. It is essential for pre-Lasik assessment, Ortho-K lens fitting, evaluating Cornea problems, as well as for customizing Specialty Contact Lens etc.

Optical AL Scan Biometer

This documents our Cornea Thickness, axial length of the eye, pupils size etc. It is used for calculation of Intra Ocular Implant values, used in Myopia Control program, and to identify if there is any cornea swelling etc.

Who should go for an eye examination?

Not only we can identify the best corrective prescription for you, we will also screen for common eye problems that affect peoples above age 40. Cataract / Macula Degeneration / Glaucoma / Retinopathy due to diabetes & others.

Seeing Clearly is one thing, Seeing healthily are even more important.

Frequency for Examination

We generally recommend one to one and a half year. However, for anyone who has systemic issues like Diabetes, Hypertension, family history of glaucoma should check yearly. Additionally, schooling children & teens are recommended to check yearly as their eyesight changes rapidly.


Around 45 minsDuration

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