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We provide a wide range of vision care services for
different types of eye conditions.

Optical Lens

We offer individual customisation of progressive, transitions and single vision optical lenses that caters to your lifestyle and needs.

Brands we carry include:

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Contact Lenses

Specialise contact lens for Keratoconus, Post Lasik, Dry eyes, Damage or Distorted Corneas. Here are the types of specialize contact lens that we provide:

  • Customise soft contact lens: For very high astigmatism (-6.00) and high power (20.00). It also has Silicone Hydrogel planned replacement in customise fit.
  • Semi-scleral contact lens: For severe dry eyes/ Distorted cornea / Post Graft and also for very high power and patients who cannot tolerate rigid gas permeable (RGP).
  • Hybrid contact lens: For best vision of RGP and comfort of soft lenses and also for those who are unable to tolerate hard lenses.

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Vision Care Screening

It is important to seek professional care to safeguard one's vision, especially as age increases. Our vision care screenings are designed to address any eye-related concerns you may have.

Eye Refraction screening

This screening determines the refractive prescription of an individual, with checks for abnormality for any underlying causes such as lazy eye, astigmatism, cornea swelling etc.

Geriatric Eye Care and Middle-age Eye Care

Having regular eye screening allows accurate prescription, checks and preventive measures for any eye (and health) related issues that arises due to natural aging e.g. cataract.

Myopia Control for Children

Did you know - Aged 5 to 16 years old children have the fastest increment in Myopia? Our Myopia Program is customised to your child's lifestyle, binocular eye status and prescriptions.

Corporate Screening

We provide customised screening services, from eye health screening, advisory solutions to contact lens package.

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