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Starting your career as an optometrist with W OPTICS gives you a vast opportunity in your optometry practice and exposure to people from different walks of life.


Understanding more about professional customer servicing, building customer relationships through effective communication, and how you can deliver a bespoke and exceptional eye exam experience. With these, you will also learn how to solve problems efficiently and diplomatically which you can apply these skills throughout your career.


Why Optometry?

  • Singapore’s population is aging rapidly and there has been an increased demand for healthcare services.
  • Studies have also shown that myopia in children below the age of 12 years has been an increasing trend due to lifestyle changes and an increase in screen time.
  • There are many other eye problems and many factors can affect eye health, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and even poor contact lens hygiene.
  • We need to ensure there are enough eye care professionals to meet these needs so that there will be lesser people at risk.
  • As an Optometrist, you’ll also be able to alert patients about potential illnesses such as diabetes while using your knowledge to improve eye care health and vision.

Why join W OPTICS an optometrist?

  • Simply put in words, we are not just an ordinary standard optical shop!
  • Rewarding and fulfilling career progression
  • Opportunity to work with a range of advanced diagnostic equipment
  • Making a difference by managing and diagnosing eye conditions and improving vision for others
  • Attractive salary and incentives
  • Comprehensive employee benefits
  • Training and upgrading programs dedicated to vision care solutions and clinical knowledge in optometry.


At W OPTICS, we believe in offering tailored vision care services to cater to the specific needs of customers, making every visit a distinguished and exclusive experience. We are committed to changing the approach to vision care, with optical solutions and products at the forefront of the industry in Singapore.


Our Services:

  • Ortho-K Night Lens
  • Contact Lens Fitting & Aftercare
  • Contact Lens for Kids
  • Progressive Lens for Presbyopia
  • Myopia Management
  • Multifocal Contact Lens for Presbyopia
  • Eye Examinations for All Ages
  • Vision Therapy

If you’re on for an exciting career, W OPTICS is the right place for you.

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