W Optics Rewards Program

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Earn points and redeem rewards exclusively on the W Optics mobile app. Submit your in-store or online purchase via the W Optics mobile app within 7 days of your purchase. Start earning today and redeem the following attractive rewards.

*With Effect From 1 Jan 2024

This reward program is only applicable for the purchase of the following participating brands. Optical Lens: Essilor, Nikon, Zeiss. Contact Lens: Alcon, Bausch+Lomb (Including Lacelle), CooperVision, FreshKon, Menicon, Miacare, Eye Coffret (Including Belleme) and Seed.

How To Earn Points?


  • Collect the transaction receipt (not the credit card receipt).

*For online purchases made through the app do not require submission for earning points. Points will be automatically credited to your account once the order is delivered. (Updated on 29 Aug 2023).

  • Tap on the Menu Icon in the top left corner.
  • Tap on the “Reward”.
  • Tap on “My Rewards” which shows the Points Accumulated
  • Tap on “Take Photo” or “Choose from camera roll” at the bottom, to submit your transaction receipt.
  • A pop-up notification message at the top indicating ‘Submitted’ will be shown if the receipt is successfully submitted.
  • The user will be notified once the transaction is successful. Users must ensure the push notification settings on both the W Optics mobile app and mobile device are turned on.


How To Redeem Rewards?

  • Tap on the Menu Icon in the top left corner.
  • Tap on the “Reward”.
  • Tap on the “Redeem” which shows all the available rewards for redemption.
  • Tap on the desired reward that you want to redeem to view the description and terms and conditions.
  • Tap ‘Redeem Now’ when you are ready to redeem the reward.
  • Tap through a two-time confirmation for the redemption.


Terms & Conditions

1. The user must sign up for an account on the W Optics mobile application (“mobile app”), which is currently available on iOS and Android operating systems to participate in the W Optics Rewards Program. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

2. Receipt(s) before the creation of the W Optics account joined date will not qualify for the earning points.

3. All receipts must be submitted within 7 days of the date of receipt. Submission of receipt passed the given timeframe will not qualify for the earning points.

4. User to submit physical transaction receipts for in-store purchases.   

5. Users are to submit 'Tax Invoice' transaction receipts only. Transaction receipts indicating 'Deposit' as a header will not be approved. (Updated on 16 Aug 2023) 

6. Users must follow the steps above to submit their qualifying purchases to earn points.

7. Only selected products are eligible for earning points. Alcon's branded contact lenses: AirOptix, Dailies Total 1, and Precision1 series only. (w.e.f 1 Jan 2024: Only participating brand products are eligible for earning rewards points. Essilor, Nikon, Zeiss, Baush+Lomb, CooperVision, Freshkon, Menicon, Miacare, Eye Coffret and Seed.)

8. The user must ensure the picture of the receipt submitted is clear and whole. ‘Whole’ means that the entire receipt is captured within a picture. Cropped or blurred pictures of the receipt will not be honored.

9. All submissions will be processed within 3(three) business days (Monday-Friday).

10. An email will be sent out to the user should the submission of receipt is not approved along with a valid reason.

11. Eligible points will be run down to the nearest tenth. (w.e.f 1 Jan 2024)

12. All accumulated points are valid for 24(twenty-four) months only.  

13. Redemption of online vouchers will be pushed as an e-voucher to the user's e-wallet within 1 business day with a validity of 60(sixty) days only.

14. All users are subject to the latest version of the Terms and Conditions, as may be amended, revised, varied, or supplemented by W Optics in its sole discretion from time to time. The latest version of the Terms and Conditions can be found on W Optics’s website at www.woptics.sg and shall prevail over and supersede all previous versions of the Terms and Conditions. By creating an account on the W Optics mobile app, the user is deemed to have read, understood, and accepted the Terms and Conditions herein.

15. Notwithstanding any of the Terms and Conditions herein, W Optics reserves the right to refuse, suspend, amend, modify, withdraw, and/or terminate any user, modify the Rewards Program and any of the benefits and privileges in connection with the Rewards Program, and amend, revise, vary or supplement these Terms and Conditions at its sole and absolute discretion and without any liability to any party, without prior notice.

16. Separate terms and conditions apply for all e-vouchers and respective lifestyle vouchers or e-vouchers.

17. W Optics Rewards Program is solely managed by W Optics Pte Ltd and is not related to any third-party mobile applications. For any queries relating to W Optics Rewards Program please contact us at contactus@woptics.sg  

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